Things are coming together….

Well, it looks like things are starting to come together for our crew. Granite Gear has donated 13 Blaze A.C. 60 backpacks. These packs are $230 retail. The Ahnu shoe company has donated shoes for each of us and is shipping them directly to us for break in this week. These shoes retail for $120. Wise Company has donated 780 meals, so we can eat on the trail. That’s almost 3 grand in food!!! Hopefully they are a little tastier than MRE’s. I’m sure they will be.

The Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association has offered all of us free memberships to their organization. This membership includes a free .pdf version of The Companion that we can use for planning purposes or to use on our smart phones during our hike. We have also been given annual memberships to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and Veterans of Foreign Wars. We’ll be outfitted with the rest of our gear on March 16th at Mountain Crossings Outfitter in Blairsville, Ga.
I’m looking forward to getting started with the journey. Life is Good!


About William Guill

Bill is a two-tour veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He's embarking on a journey of a lifetime with 12 other fellow veterans in the Warrior Hike "Walk off the War" program to hike the Appalachian Trail. ~ From Springer Mountain, Georgia all the way to the terminus of the trail at Mount Katahdin, Maine. Roughly 2200 miles of trail to be conquered starting March 17th, 2013. Let the journey begin!
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