Okay. Today I did a leisurely 4.1 miles or so. Gently gradual climbs and ascents on the trail. The 21lb pack on my back felt lighter today. It’s still 21lbs. I knocked the miles out in less than two hours. So, I don’t feel too awfully bad about the outlook on doing 8 mile days starting out March 17th. I’ll increase my pack weight starting tomorrow and increase my mileage too. I may do more more walking without the pack just to get the miles in. We’ll see.

What I did realize is that layering your clothing is definitely the best method for hiking. I wore a polypropylene t-shirt with another polypro long sleeve shirt over top. My outer layer I wore a fleece chamois button down shirt. Typically not something I would wear out on the trail, but I didn’t feel like I needed my soft-shell jacket, it would probably have been too warm. It was 42 degrees when I started out and didn’t feel that cold. I did manage to work up a sweat on my first hill and had to put the toboggan on to mop some of it up! If I had worn cotton layers I probably would have been close to being hypothermic at trails end. I have been letting my hair grow out for the extra warmth. It’s the longest it’s been since 1986 when I had a semi-mullet cut. Hey, it was the style…what can I say! I’ll see how long I can stand it. I have a feeling it will be swept up by “Floyd” in some small mountain town barber shop! Stay tuned…this is going to be epic!


About William Guill

Bill is a two-tour veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He's embarking on a journey of a lifetime with 12 other fellow veterans in the Warrior Hike "Walk off the War" program to hike the Appalachian Trail. ~ From Springer Mountain, Georgia all the way to the terminus of the trail at Mount Katahdin, Maine. Roughly 2200 miles of trail to be conquered starting March 17th, 2013. Let the journey begin!
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