Thanks Dr. Sturtz!!!

12 visits. That’s how many adjustments it took for me to leave Dr. J’s (Janelle) office feeling much better!

I had gained relief of an injury incurred while in the service of country. I was slouching/crouching(unlike the tiger!), my head was canted forward, I had uneven body alignment, and my left calf was tighter than a camels ass in a sand storm! All lingering effects of my back injury and subsequent surgery in 2001. As we say here in North Carolina, “I was hurtin’ “.

Dr. J performed pure magic. She did a tap dance on my back that would make Fred Astaire  blush over! That part is totally untrue. But seriously, she did her magic and I came out of her office on Thursday, with a new skip in my step, in less pain and most importantly…a smile on my face!

Dr. Sturtz has a nice cozy and quiet office located at 1812 Becketts Ridge Dr. in Hillsborough. So, if you’re in need of chiropractic services in the surrounding area I would highly recommend her. She sure helped me out! Thanks again Dr. J.!!!




About William Guill

Bill is a two-tour veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He's embarking on a journey of a lifetime with 12 other fellow veterans in the Warrior Hike "Walk off the War" program to hike the Appalachian Trail. ~ From Springer Mountain, Georgia all the way to the terminus of the trail at Mount Katahdin, Maine. Roughly 2200 miles of trail to be conquered starting March 17th, 2013. Let the journey begin!
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One Response to Thanks Dr. Sturtz!!!

  1. Donna Roark says:

    Cuz, this is great news! I look forward to following you and your fellow Vets on your spiritual journey! Much love,Donna

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